Taking The Mystery Out Of Retirement Planning

Privacy Disclaimer

Taking the Mystery Out of Retirement Planning offers a simplified, bottom-line approach to figuring out how much you need when you retire, taking into account your savings accumulation as well as anticipated spend down during retirement. There are four worksheets in which you can enter information such as your age and the number of years until retirement, current assets and savings, savings and assets expected during retirement, current expenses, and expenses expected during retirement, and then select from a range of assumed rates of return. The final worksheet provides projections and results, comparing anticipated income and expenses over your retirement, and identifies additional savings you might need to make up any gap. The information you enter will be saved for this session only.

However, as a convenience, this website provides users the option of creating an account with which the user can save data entered on the worksheets. If you create an account, you can return and view your saved information. For privacy and the protection of your entries, you must provide a username and password to establish secure access to your account information. For additional privacy, choose a username and password that is not personally identifiable. Note that you need to write down your username and password, as neither you nor the Department of Labor will be able to retrieve them.

If you register, the numbers that you enter on the worksheets will be saved when you click on the Save button. Then when you return, just sign-in with your username and password, load your saved information, and you will see the information that you previously filled in on the worksheets. You can delete your data at any time.

If you do not register, your data will not be saved beyond the current session. You can, of course, re-enter information when you return.

Remember, these worksheets will give you an estimate, not guaranteed numbers. Regard it as a starting point that will provide a big clue in taking the mystery out of your retirement planning.