Using the Form M-1 Search Tool

The Form M-1 Search Tool allows you to find reports for Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements (MEWAs) and Association Health Plans (AHPs) filed with the Department of Labor. Administrators of MEWAs and AHPs generally must file the Form M-1 report no later than March 1 following a calendar year for which a filing is required. MEWAs also must file no later than 30 days before it begins operating and upon the occurrence of certain events (e.g., expands to another state, a 50% increase in participants covered or a merger with another MEWA). Forms are filed electronically using the M-1 Online Filing System. You can use this tool to search and view filings once they have been processed by the Department.

You may search for a filed Form M-1 by using any of the following fields: Plan Year, Name of MEWA, Name of Sponsor, MEWA EIN, State of MEWA Headquarters, State(s) Where MEWA Operates, Type of Filing or DOL Filing Confirmation Number. To search, you must enter information in at least one of the fields as illustrated below.

image of M1 Search Form

If you wish to search by the name of the MEWA, but are unsure of the MEWA's complete name, enter as much information as you have. For example, if you are looking for a MEWA that contains the name "Smith," enter the word "smith", and your search results will include any MEWA containing "smith" in its name. To narrow your search results, enter information in any of the remaining fields. Click "Search" and your results will appear in a detailed list at the bottom of the screen. In this example, a search was made for Plan Year 2017 and MEWA Name containing "smith" as shown here.

image of M1 Search Results

You may view an image of a filed Form M-1 by clicking on DETAILS in the first column of the search results. Print your results by clicking on the printer icon on the right side of the screen. Additionally, you can reformat the information presented in the chart to your specifications by clicking on the icon next to the printer icon and selecting the relevant categories. You may also download the results in EXCEL by clicking on the "To EXCEL."

Please note that the number of Form M-1 Filings returned in this search may exceed the number of unique MEWAs (or Entities Claiming Exception) in a given year. The search results and the underlying dataset contain all Form M-1 filings submitted each year. Filers may be required to file multiple times in a year if they experience certain events, e.g. before beginning to operate or start operating in additional states, or if they ask for an extension of time to file or amend their reports to correct errors and or omissions (please see “Section 2: When to File” in the instructions for the Form M-1, )

The search tool reports the data as submitted by filers. The output of these searches is not verified for accuracy or edited by EBSA.