FAQs About The Form M-1 Online Filing System

Are there any costs to file online?

There are no costs to file online.

Which browser must I use?

All browsers are supported.

What can be filed online?

The following can be filed online:

  • The Form M-1 for annual reporting for filing year 2012 - to the current filing year
  • The Form M-1 for MEWA registration filings beginning in 2013- to the current year
  • The Form M-1 for ECE origination filings beginning in 2013- to the current year
  • The Form M-1 for ECE special filings beginning in 2013- to the current year
  • Amended reports for filing year 2012 - to the current filing year
  • Final reports for filing year 2012 - to the current filing year
  • Request for extension of filing for the current filing year
  • Individuals who wish to file for years prior to 2012 may file at http://askebsa.dol.gov/mewaPre2012/.

Who is eligible to use online filing?

The Form M-1 must be filed online so anyone who is required to file under the Department's regulations may use the online filing.

What do I need to do to get started as a new user?

New users need to set up an account the Form M-1 filing website at www.askebsa.dol.gov/mewa. After you request an account, you will receive an email that contains a link to finish setting up your account. You will be instructed to click on this link and create an account by selecting a User ID and Password. Once your account is established you will be able to begin your filing.

If I filed the Form M-1 for a prior year, do I need to set up another account for the current year?

No. If you filed the Form M-1 for a year prior to 2012, your Account ID and Password under the old system will work as your User ID and Password under the new system to file for years after 2012. If you have created an account for filing years 2003-2011, this account will still be active for those filings at http://askebsa.dol.gov/mewaPre2012/.

What if my information has changed since I set up an account?

You can change your personal information, including your email address or Password by editing your user profile after you log onto to the website.

What if I cannot remember my password or User ID?

Click on the link “Forgot Password,” and you will be redirected to a form where you can enter either your User ID or your email address. You will receive an email at the email address you provided when you set up your account with a link to a form that lets you enter a new Password. You also will need to reset your Password by using the link contained in the email. If you forgot your User ID, click on the “Forgot User ID” link and enter your email address into the form, and you will receive an email as described above. Your User ID will appear in the email.

Is the information I submit secure?

Yes, all of the Form M-1 information submitted and transmitted online will be fully encrypted and secure.

Is the information submitted on the Form M-1 private?

While any information you provide during the process of setting up an account remains private, the information contained on Form M-1 is publically available at http://askebsa.dol.gov/epds/.

Can I submit multiple filings under the same account?

Yes. One account can be used to submit filings for multiple plans.

I am a service provider that assists clients in the Form M-1 filing; does the online filing system provide a way for me to complete the Form M-1 on my clients' behalf?

Yes. When you register with the Form M-1 online filing system, register as a filing author. Complete the form on behalf of your client. If your client will sign and submit the completed Form M-1, your client should register as a filing signer. Once you have completed the Form M-1, the system will ask you to enter the email address of the authorized signer. The system will verify that this email address is registered in the system. After verification, click the button, "Send Request to Signer". An email will be sent to the authorized signer (your client) that contains a link to the online filing that requires signature.

Can I submit the Form M-1 for my client?

Yes. The online system allows you to complete the Form M-1 filing and submit the Form M-1 for your client, provided he or she gives you written authorization to submit it on his or her behalf. When you initially register with the Form M-1 online filing site, you will need to register as a filing author and a filing signer. You will also need to retain a copy of your client’s specific written authorization for your records.

How do I submit the Form M-1 for my client?

After you complete the Form M-1 for your client, the system will take you to the signing section. You will be asked to select your role, either service provider or administrator. Select the service provider role. On the submission agreement, you will be asked to verify that you are authorized to submit the Form M-1 on behalf of your client. After this verification, review and print a copy of the completed Form M-1. You are required to have your client review the completed Form M-1 and manually sign a printed copy of the filing. You must attach a PDF copy of the manually signed Form M-1 to the online filing. After you attach the PDF copy, you can submit the Form M-1 for your client. You will need to advise your client that by selecting this electronic signature option, the PDF image of that manual signature will be included with the rest of the report posted by the Department of Labor on the Internet for public disclosure. You must agree to communicate to your client any inquiries you receive from DOL regarding this report.

Can I change my filing role status after I initially register?

Yes. After you log into the online system, click on “Edit Profile” to update your filing role.

What if I have questions about how to use this site to file the Form M-1?

The user guide link provides additional information on how to use this system. If you still encounter problems with the electronic filing, call the EBSA computer help desk at 202.693.8600. If you have questions on how to complete the Form M-1 please call 202.693.8360.

What if I start to file online and discover I cannot complete the filing?

You can save one or more partially completed filings and come back later to finish them (up to six months).

Can I make changes to my filing or delete it?

You can freely edit (or delete) a filing until you mark the box to submit it for filing and actually submit it. Your last saved changes to your filing will overwrite previously saved ones. Only completed forms can be submitted. Once a particular filing has been submitted, no further changes are allowed. If changes are required, you must file an amended return.

What if I have many attachments to file along with my Form M-1?

The system will allow you to upload electronic attachments subject to a 10-megabyte limit on each uploaded file.

In what format do my attachments need to be?

pdf, txt, rtf, csv, doc, xls, xlsx, docx, jpg, gif, png, jpeg, bmp, or iff

Who must sign my Form M-1 as part of the filing?

Generally, the administrator of the MEWA or ECE signs the Form M-1 electronically.

How do I amend a submitted Form M-1?

Once you log into your account, the system allows you to amend your filed form. You will have the option of auto populating the amendment based on the data submitted on your Form M-1. The system will allow you to change this data as part of your amendment.

What if I need to file a Form M-1 for prior years?

Once you log into your account for the current year, there will be a link for you to file a prior year's form.

What if I need to access a previously filed Form M-1?

Your account will contain links to all Forms M-1 that you filed in prior years back to 2012. If you need to file a 2003-2011 Form M-1, you may do so at http://askebsa.dol.gov/mewaPre2012/.

How do I know the Department of Labor has actually received my filing electronically?

An e-mail receipt, with a Receipt Confirmation Code for the filing, will be sent to the e-mail address you provided when you set up your account. Please retain this Receipt Confirmation Code for your records. Beginning with the 2013 Form 5500, all MEWAs and ECEs that are employee welfare benefit plans required to file the Form M-1 must file the Form 5500 Annual Return/Report, regardless of plan size or type of funding, and enter the Receipt Confirmation Code for the Form M-1 filing on the plan’s Form 5500 Annual Return/Report. For more information, see the Form 5500 Instructions.